Vegan fish tacos in a cast iron pan with limes, tomato, and avocado


Welcome to Dora’s Table! This blog started as an outlet for my culinary creativity after leaving professional kitchens to become a stay-at-home mom. Over the years it has grown to be so much more than I could’ve ever imagined, but my mission remains the same: to recreate traditional Mexican dishes into vegan Mexican recipes, while preserving and celebrating the beauty and richness of the different regional cuisines of Mexico and what they represent.

You will find a lot of very traditional vegan mexican recipes, like Chiles en Nogada, but you will also be able to find more creative and modern recipes like these Vegan Tequila Truffles. Most of the recipes are healthy or offer a healthy option, and they are easy to make.

best vegan mexican recipes for the whole family

We all arrive to veganism from a different path and place in our life. Some do it for the animals, others for the environment, and some for health reasons. Whatever your reason is, welcome, I hope you enjoy some of my

Best Vegan Mexican Recipes:

Homemade Vegan Chorizo

Potato and chorizo tacos. Serve the crispy bits of spicy chorizo mixed with the slightly golden potatoes on a warm tortilla and top with salsa.

Homemade Vegan Chorizo, the best recipe on this site!!

Creamy Chipotle Pasta

I am obsessed with this creamy chipotle pasta. The sauce is easy to make, vegan, and the whole thing takes less than 30 minutes to make.

Creamy vegan chipotle pasta, one of my favorites!

Vegan Chiles Rellenos

Vegan Chile relleno in a tangy tomato sauce.

Vegan Pozole Rojo

This jackfruit vegan pozole is a hearty, spicy, and satisfying soup. It is an adaptation of my grandmother's recipe, perfect for the holidays

Vegan Pozole Rojo Made with Jackfruit

Meatball Soup (Caldo de Albóndigas)

This vegan Mexican meatball soup is a hearty soup filled with carrots, potatoes, celery, and amazingly tender meatballs.

Vegan Mexican meatball soup, just like abuelita used to make.

Mole Chilaquiles

Vegan mole chilaquiles are tortilla chips covered in mole sauce and mixed with sautéed greens and black beans, then drizzled with an almond crema, and vegan queso cotija. The combination is seriously good.

Chilaquiles bathed in mole sauce, and topped with almond crema.

Torta Ahogada

This Torta ahogada recipe is a crusty bread torta filled with refried beans and avocado, and drowned in a spicy chile de arbol salsa.

A traditional torta ahogada from Guadalajara bathed in a super spicy salsa.

Frijoles Charros

Frijoles charros, cowboy style Mexican beans. Simmered with vegan chorizo and pico de gallo.

Arrroz A la Mexicana

The perfect vegan Mexican brown rice, made with a very traditional recipe. It has just the right texture and balance of tomato-garlic flavor.

The perfect vegan mexican brown rice.

Enchiladas Verdes

Vegan roasted tomatillo enchiladas, filled with sautéed onions, garlic, poblano peppers, and pinto beans. Bathed in salsa and almond crema.

Enchiladas in Salsa Verde filled with roasted poblano peppers, beans, and corn.


Rajas con crema is one of those true Mexican comfort dishes. Poblano peppers are roasted over an open flame, peeled, cut into strips, then sauted with onion, garlic, and corn. A thick, slightly sour "crema" is poured over the whole thing. It is spicy, creamy, and incredibly satisfying

Rajas con Crema Tacos

Carrot Tinga Tacos

Potato Chorizo Tacos

Calabacitas Tacos

Spicy Zucchini and Black Bean Tacos


Making vegan tamales doesn't have to be complicated. With over 50 detailed pictures, this ebook will guide you step-by-step in the tamal making process.

Potato Adobo Tamales

Strawberry Tamales

Chocolate Tamales

Vegan Tamales Unwrapped


This watermelon paleta shot is a combination of sweet watermelon, lime juice, tequila, and chile powder. So good it makes my mouth water!

Watermelon Paleta Shot

Carlota de Limon

Vegan Day of the Dead Bread (Pan de Muerto)

Chocolate and Amaranth  Skulls


Corn Paletas