Vegan cajeta envinada in a small dish with a spoon dipping into it

I have been dreaming of this Mexican classic for months now, velvety, sweet, rich, and vegan cajeta envinada. It is simmered slowly on the stove until it reaches the perfect consistency, it is my favorite labor of love. Cajeta is a traditional dish from the city of Celaya, Guanajuato. It is made by simmering goats […]


Vegan rosca de reyes on a pink back ground with a piece set in front of it on a plate.
Here is the best vegan marranito (Mexican piggy cookies) recipe ever. They are infused with piloncillo, star anise, clove, and cinnamon.

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Mole negro enmoladas on a talavera plate and a bright orange tablecloth with flowers behind it.
Strawberry frose margarita in a salt rimmed margarita glass decorated with a lime slice



Family in from of Legoland California tips to have an amazing Vacation.
La Villita Day of the Dead Festival in San Antonio will not disappoint. A beautiful event to honor those who have left before us.
An amazing road trip to Ensenada and Rosario with the family. Great food and friends made the trip one to remember.