Pipian Rojo Over Rice – Decolonize Your Diet

Pipian Rojo Over Rice recipe is perfect for the coming fall and winter months. The sauce is very hearty and made with roasted pumpkin seeds.

How did I not know this book existed until now! Decolonize your Diet by Luz Calvo and Catriona Rueda Esquivel is part manifesto, part cookbook, and part love story. It is a book that hopes to impulse a movement to help others heal their bodies, reclaim the culture of their ancestors, and revolt against the […]

Vegan Chiles en Nogada, roasted poblano chile is stuffed with an aromatic picadillo, covered in walnut cream sauce and pomegranate seeds.
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Vegan Chiles en Nogada

These vegan chiles en nogada will transport you to the city of Puebla in the fall. This dish is one of the stars of Mexican cuisine, because it perfectly embodies why Mexican cuisine was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010.…
Sweet potato and carrot tinga tacos are a bit sweet, the chipotle-tomato sauce adds a tanginess and spiciness that will keep you coming back.
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Sweet Potato and Carrot Tinga Tacos

I have fallen in love with sweet potatoes. I actually used to dislike them, but during my pregnancy I craved them and now I can't get enough of them. These sweet potato and carrot tinga tacos are one of the many ways you can use sweet potatoes.…
Enjoy this refreshing agua de melon, which is easy to prepare, delicious and the prefect treat for a super hot day.

Refreshing Agua de Melón

This week this recipe for agua de melon has been generously provided by Douglas Cullen of the blog Mexican Food Journal. Douglas has lived in Mexico for over 20 yrs. and he brings his knowledge of Mexican food to his blog. His blog is not vegan,…
Jackfruit Chilorio is a popular recipe from the state of Sinaloa. It is traditionally made with pork, but this version uses jackfruit instead

Slow Cooker Jackfruit Chilorio

The amazing Jeni from Thyme & Love is helping me out this week with another guest post. Jeni has done a guest post for me before, you have to try her delicious tequila truffles. Jeni has recently added a travel section to her blog that…
These kale potato tacos topped with cilantro cream sauce are the easiest thing in the world to make, they are also delicious and nutritious.
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Kale Potato Tacos with Cilantro Cream Sauce

The incredible Ale Graf, from the blog Piloncillo & Vanilla, is doing a guest post for me this week while we continue our new baby bliss here in the Stone household. ¡Thank you Ale!  These kale potato tacos topped with cilantro…
He's finally here, our new baby, the biggest one yet, weighing a whopping 5 lb. 15 oz.!!

He's Here!!! Our New Baby

He's finally here, our new baby, the biggest one yet, weighing a whopping 5 lb. 15 oz.!! While he is technically premature by one day, he did not have to spend any time in the NICU. He is officially two weeks old today and it has gone by…
These creamy banana pecan paletas (banana pecan popsicles) have only 3 ingredients, are vegan, and refined-sugar free!!

Creamy Banana Pecan Paletas

Sometimes all you want on a blistering hot day is creamy banana pecan paletas. These banana popsicles have only 3 ingredients. are vegan, super easy to make, have no refined sugar, and are so deliciously creamy you will keep coming back for…
Fluffy and rich vegan chocolate strawberry pancakes for breakfast? Stuffed with thinly sliced strawberries and drizzled with maple syrup!!

Tommy's Vegan Chocolate Strawberry Pancakes

Fluffy and rich vegan chocolate strawberry pancakes for breakfast? Yes! These pancakes are stuffed with thinly sliced strawberries, spiced with Mexican cinnamon, and drizzled with maple syrup. They are one of our favorite pancakes in our house,…