Homemade Vegan Chorizo

Chorizo is one of my comfort foods. Nothing beats a breakfast of huevos con chorizo, warm corn tortillas and salsa molcajeteada. Of course as a vegan, there aren’t many chorizo

Roasted Garlic and Orange Guacamole

Life is good right now, busy but fun. The kids are almost done with school and we’re looking forward to staying in our pj’s until well past 9am during the

Cinco de Mayo Vegan Recipes

I have to say it. I know I’m going to sound preachy, but I just have to. Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s independence day! It is not! Cinco de

Sweet Potato and Carrot Tinga Tacos

One of my sisters had a bit of a health scare last week. For a moment we thought we were going to lose her, and things got very scary. It

Spring Vegetable and Hummus Tostadas

Overwhelmed, is the only word I can use to describe what I feel right now. After Karina’s 1st birthday, Easter celebrations, a cold that hit almost all of us and

A Very Korean 1st Birthday

Yesterday was Karina’s 1st birthday. It’s amazing to me how much she has grown and how much has happened since then. I’ve spent the last two weeks making all the

Vegan Capirotada

* Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Which means I will receive a comission if you purchase through those links. This dessert screams it’s Friday in lent. I realize it’s

Cauliflower Tortitas

Every time lent and Easter comes around I get very homesick. Holy Week and Easter are a big deal in Mexico and our family has a set of traditions we

Watercress and Radish Salsa

I am in love with this watercress and radish salsa. I guess it’s more of a salad with the addition of the radish and watercress, but it pairs so perfectly

Chile Morita Salsa

Last week the hubby worked mornings and my schedule was thrown way off. Hence my posting until now. Baby Karina is refusing to nap for more than 20 min. at