Sometimes it's hard letting others cook for you, especially when you're a chef, but being stuck in the hospital has left me no choice.
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Letting Others Cook for You

Sometimes it's hard letting others cook for you, especially when you're a chef, but being stuck in the hospital has left me no choice. It has been a pretty rough month for us. I spent a total of 12 days in the hospital, and our baby girl was…
While stuck in the hospital, what other choice does a professional cook have than making hospital food look good with a little bit of help.
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Making Hospital Food Look Good

This is my 6th day in the hospital. My water broke on Monday and I'm stuck here until this little one is born. It was a bit scary at first, but now we've kind of settled into a hospital routine. I miss my family terribly, but I'm trying to keep…

Roasted Balsamic Green Beans

Sooo...... I realize I haven't posted in a while, but I have great news! I'm pregnant!! We are so happy and grateful, but I have spent the last 7 weeks trying not to puke all over myself. The nausea has been brutal. It truly has been a humbling…
Marrying a chef? There are things you should know if you are already madly in love and are planning to get married to anyone in the industry.
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5 Things to Know Before Marrying a Chef

Working in F & B (food and beverage) is not for the faint of heart or body, but marrying a chef or someone who works in F & B is not a piece of cake either.[When I say food and beverage I mean chefs, cooks, servers, managers, anybody…
This spiced sweet potato black bean burger, is packed full of veggies and protein. Garam-masala and serrano pepper give it an extra kick
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Spiced Sweet Potato Black Bean Burger

I dislike veggie burgers. They're not burgers!!! Inevitably though, you will find yourself eating one, because they are commonly the only vegetarian-vegan options available at casual restaurants. Why make them at home then? Well, this recipe…
This recipe for vegan chile relleno stuffed with zucchini and quinoa is an adaptation of a Mexican classic. It is bursting with flavor!
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Vegan Chile Relleno Zucchini and Quinoa

In May, I wrote about wanting to quit blogging, so it might come as a surprise to you that I started a new blog! Unfortunately, for all you English speaking readers it's in Spanish. I was born and raised in Mexico, which means Spanish is my…
This recipe for Banana Cinnamon Ice Cream is a great healthy option made with almond milk. The combination of banana and cinnamon is a classic
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Banana Cinnamon Ice Cream - Vegan

I looove ice cream, almost as much as I love cheese. Last year we bought an ice cream machine at Costco and spent the whole summer making ice cream. This year I've been on a bit of an ice cream funk. All the ice cream alternatives without dairy…
This recipe for apricot amaranth granola is completely oil free. It is delicious, satisfying and perfect for breakfast.
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Apricot Amaranth Granola (oil-free)

School has started and I now have several hours to myself, and I have to tell you it is great. I will be enjoying this as much as I can since it will only last until I can find a job that fits our schedule. I do miss my little guy though. There…