This week I will be at #weallgrow summit storyteller and I can't wait! I am grateful and honored to be a part of this.

This is the week!! The week of the #WeAllGrowSummit. I attended last year and had a total blast. This year is a little bit different though. I was selected as one of the Storytellers of the conference which is sponsored by Disney’s campaign Dream Big, Princess.

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As a Storyteller I will be sharing my story in front of the whole conference. (I’m beginning to get really nervous! ) As part of the campaign we had to choose a princess that inspired us and relate her to our story. I chose princess Tiana and the life lesson making your dreams a reality.

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I chose princess Tiana, not only because of the similarities of wanting to open up my own restaurant and facing many challenges, but because it takes Tiana a little while to realize what’s most important. It has also taken me quite a while to realize what’s most important, and it has taken me more than a while to find a way to balance my personal aspirations with the demands of being a wife and mom of two ( now almost 3).

I am very thankful to Disney and the #WeAllGrow team for this wonderful opportunity to share my story and hopefully inspire many more moms like me to keep dreaming, fighting, hoping, and living the lives they truly want to live.

I will be sharing pictures, and using Instagram stories to keep you posted on what goes on in the conference. You will be able to see me tell my story on Saturday March 4th, around 6:00pm (PT ) Facebook Live through my page Dora’s Table.

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