Meal Planning Tips – How I do it

How does a professionally trained cook meal plan at home? You would think it would be a breeze, and that said chef would wouldn’t even think twice about it. Ironically, it took me a little bit of time to set a system that worked for our family.

Mostly because there’s a couple of major differences between cooking at a restaurant and cooking at home. To start with, in a restaurant you would have a dishwasher (person) who would take care of all your dishes, pots and pans; you would also have at your disposal a great variety of high quality ingredients and some of them would be prepped already for you (already peeled garlic, chopped fresh herbs, already was he produce and fish already cut into portions); finally, you would have at least 3 hours to prepare your food before service.

At home you have to think about what meals will use less pots and pans, because inevitably you will be the one washing the big stack of dishes. You also have to juggle children and maybe work. (Cooking with a kid stuck to your leg can get pretty frustrating.) Also, the average person has to plan meals on a limited budget and does not have quality ingredients in abundance.

Here are several tips that will hopefully help you develop your own meal planning system, with meals your family will actually enjoy, and that will cut your stress and time in half.

Meal Planning Tips: How I do it

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