He’s finally here, our new baby, the biggest one yet, weighing a whopping 5 lb. 15 oz.!! While he is technically premature by one day, he did not have to spend any time in the NICU.

He is officially two weeks old today and it has gone by so fast. My family has been taking care of us and helping with the recovery from the c-section. ( I loathe c-sections!) It’s amazing how quickly you can forget how soft, tiny, and fragile they really are, and how much joy they bring.

His siblings are very happy to have him home, and  I’m enjoying every minute of it. The evenings have not been so bad, of course I’m totally sleep deprived and emotional, but that’s to be expected.

I will be taking things a little slow around the blog for a little while, so it might take longer than usual to respond to comments and emails. I do have a couple of guests posts lined up in the mean time, by some very talented bloggers, that I’m sure you will enjoy!


I thought I would do a small pregnancy update all in one post instead of talking about it constantly in every post. This is my 3rd pregnancy (I still can’t believe we’re having another baby!), and even though we were definitely surprised at first, we are more than happy to be receiving another little one into our family.

Vegan Pregnancy

Being vegan and pregnant has been a bit of a challenge this time around, since we have been spending a lot of time in Mexico. The access to fruits and vegetables is not the problem, but that pretty much every meal is centered around some kind of meat, and being the only vegan in the family makes that kind of complicated. I have a terrible craving for vegan vietnamese spring rolls and I can’t find any spring roll wrappers anywhere!

In the beginning of the pregnancy I did have cravings for meat, and was extremely disgusted by vegetables, but things are pretty much back to normal now. My husband and I had a discussion once about what we could survive on the longest, and he said he could probably go for months just eating rice and kimchi. I responded that I could probably last longer just eating rice and beans. I am sorry to report that I am pretty tired of eating rice and beans, and I am looking forward to eating a wider variety of vegan foods.

This Vegan Frijoles Charros recipe results in a satisfying and warm bowl of tender smoky beans. Perfect for a cold fall day.

Anemia and Iron Deficiency

My last pregnancy, my iron levels during  pregnancy remained normal, but took a drop once I started breastfeeding. This time around I am trying to eat more lentils, greens, and beans, and I am making sure not to miss a day of my prenatal vitamins. As of yet I have not needed an additional iron supplement, but I definitely have to be intentional and eat iron rich foods. I have been using Dr. Greger’s daily dozen app to eat as many nutrients as possible without having to include animal products in my diet. If you have never heard of the app you should check it out. It is completely free, and it basically a list of the most important foods that should be included in our daily plant-based diet. It is a good way to keep yourself accountable.

Premature Labor and a High Risk Pregnancypremature

I wish I wasn’t such a worrier. My last two pregnancies I delivered my babies prematurely, one at 33 weeks and the other at 34 weeks. Both of my kids are now very much healthy and growing, but it was sure scary in the beginning. This time around the probabilities of delivering another premature baby are very high, and honestly it’s nerve wrecking. The pregnancy until now has shown no complications, but the same thing happened with my first. Deep down I know the only solution to this is to trust God, to put it all in his hands, and that he will take care of the rest. That’s easier said than done though!


Hypnobabies is a self-hypnosis program that results in shorter, easier, and more comfortable natural labor. I used this with my last pregnancy, and even though it ended up being a c-section I was able to use the hypnobabies techniques to get to 8 cm dilated very comfortably. So comfortable in fact, that the nurse didn’t believe I was truly having strong contractions. I ended up having to be rushed into the c-section. This time around I am practicing my hypnosis every day, and hoping for a comfortable and easy labor.

Baby Names

At the beginning of our marriage my husband made a deal that he would get to name the boys and I would name the girls. We could give each other input and ideas, but the designated person would have the last word. This has worked very well for us in the past, but this time he refuses to even give me a clue what the baby’s name will be. Supposedly, in Korean culture it’s bad luck to name the baby before he/she is born, so he won’t tell me. In the mean time I have everyone calling the baby Pio, after St. Padre Pio, which I admire very much.

Baby Gear

I haven’t even looked into buying new baby gear. Before leaving Hawaii we sold or donated all the baby stuff I had left. If you have any recommendation for baby gear I am all ears!


Last but not least, we are moving to San Antonio, TX. I am enjoying my time with my family very much and will be sad to go, but we will be close by, and will be able to visit often instead of once a year. I am looking forward to hopefully settling down for more than two years, making new friends, and discovering new vegan restaurants.





This post is sponsored by Disney. All opinions are my own.

I am still processing everything that happened a week and half ago. I was selected as one of 6 storytellers for the #WeAllGrow Summit by the ‘Dream Big, Princess’ campaign by Disney. The #WeAllGrow Summit is a latina bloggers conference and there is a special portion of the conference where the storytellers come up on stage and get to share their story. As a storyteller, I was also able to bring a blogging bestie with me, Jeni from thymeandlove.com. It truly was one of the most memorable experiences of my life!

The conference started with a field trip to the Disney Studios in Burbank, CA. I had never been to the Disney Studios and it was a true treat. We were able to pre-screen The Beauty and the Beast live action film, have lunch in the executive lunch room, visit the Disney Studio Store, and had a sneak peek and a Q & A with the creators of Tangled Before Ever After. My favorite part was the pre-screening of The Beauty and the Beast. Never in my wildest little girl dreams would I have imagined that one of my favorite animated films could be brought to life so beautifully. The special effects, the costumes, the singing, all of it was a perfect interpretation of the original movie. I thought Emma Watson was a great Belle, and I kind of developed a crush on Luke Evans as Gaston. I especially liked the way Belle was portrayed as different from the rest of the town, because she has a voice of her own, she refuses to settle for the norm, and she’s not afraid to stand-up for what she believes in. The beast was very realistic and scary, so I will probably wait to take my 2 and 7 yr. old to see it, but I can’t wait until they can enjoy it too! The day ended with a Frida themed #AlasparaVolar cocktail party, which included lots of dancing, pictures, and yummy food.


The second day of the conference was busy and exciting. As part of winning a spot as a storyteller my bestie and I were able to stay in the Hotel Maya for 4 nights in a gorgeous room with a view of the marina. The day started bright and early with breakfast, keynote speakers, and conferences. I gave a conference of my own: Generating Income by Self-Publishing an Ebook. I was worried that I was going to bore everyone, because some of the steps to self-publishing are frankly quite boring, but everyone seemed really interested and eager to learn. Once that was done I was able to focus and practice for the big storyteller night.


In the month before the conference I was able to receive advice and mentorship from Kathy Cano-Murillo, the Crafty Chica, she is an experienced storyteller, and she guided me through the whole process. It was all quite nerve wrecking. The funny thing is, as we were going through what parts of the story to keep, and which to cut out I discovered some wonderful things about myself and my relationship to Princess Tiana. I had always been drawn to Princess Tiana, because she wanted to open her own restaurant and it was easy to identify with that, but as we dug deeper into the story I began to see myself truly reflected in the Princess and the Frog, and Tiana’s journey. We nailed down the story a couple of days before the conference, and now all I had to do was get up in front of 400 people and tell it.


The last day of the conference I was a ball of nerves. I kept going over my story in my head. I was really worried that half way through the speech I was just going to go blank and stare at the audience. After getting ready and all dolled up, we headed over to do a short interview on camera for the ‘Dream Big, Princess‘ campaign. (Being a part of this campaign was very important to me because I have a 2 yr. old daughter, and I want her to grow up like I did with the Disney princesses. I want her to be a part of the new fairytales, where the princesses are strong, decided, courageous, and aren’t afraid to stand-up in what they believe in.) After going over our slideshows and doing a sound check, it was finally time! I was the third storyteller to go up on stage. I could go on and on about my story, but instead why don’t I show you the official video of it.

Dream Big Princess: Princess Tiana and Me

All of these years I have been trying to build something of this blog, so I can contribute to our household, and fulfill my aspiration as a professional woman and mother. There have been many discouraging moments along the way, moments where I wanted to give up, where it seemed that all of this work was for nothing, but that night standing on that stage it suddenly became clear that all the tears, and late nights have not been in vain. There is still a long way to go, and much more work to do, but I hope that that night I was able to inspire at least one stay-at-home mom or one little girl to keep dreaming, to keep fighting, and to never lose sight of what’s important. #dreambigprincess

storytellers-6Image by Robson Muzel

This post is sponsored by Disney. All opinions are my own.

Sometimes it’s hard letting others cook for you, especially when you’re a chef, but being stuck in the hospital has left me no choice. It has been a pretty rough month for us. I spent a total of 12 days in the hospital, and our baby girl was in the NICU for 14 days. We are finally home and enjoying the sleepless nights and the inevitable routine that comes with having a newborn. Yes, we’re actually enjoying it! After watching our tiny baby being poked, prodded, and stuck in an incubator for two weeks, her cries are as sweet as honey.

Sometimes it's hard letting others cook for you, especially when you're a chef, but being stuck in the hospital has left me no choice.

My mom flew in from Mexico to help out and she has graciously been taking care of all of our meals and other household duties. After almost 2 weeks of hospital food I welcomed my mom’s cooking with open arms. There’s only one problem, my mom is a little out of practice when it comes to cooking. She did cook for us when we were little, but once my dad opened the restaurant there was no longer a need to cook at home, growing up we ate most of our meals there.

I find that a lot of people are intimidated when they find themselves cooking for two food professionals, but honestly, you shouldn’t be. Do we have high standards when it comes to food? Of course we do, but all of us food professionals have something in common, we love to eat. This means we love to eat anything and everything, or we’ll try it at least once. Also, most of us have some manners and won’t really tell you your food sucks, unless you ask for our honest opinion, which would then sound something like this: ” The chicken was slightly over cooked, I like my rice with a bit more salt, and I prefer vegetables on the crunchy side.”

Sometimes it's hard letting others cook for you, especially when you're a chef, but being stuck in the hospital has left me no choice.


Sometimes it can be hard letting others cook for you, because it means giving up control. It means that the carrots won’t be cut into perfect small dice, and the beef won’t be cooked exactly the way you like it. However, I think that we, more than most, know first hand all the work that goes into cooking and are able to recognize and appreciate a good meal when we taste one. That’s why I am so grateful for my mom and her cooking. Even though she might be a little rusty in the cooking department, the love and care she is putting into our meals is something not easily replicated, even if it’s something as simple and comforting as chicken soup.

This is my 6th day in the hospital. My water broke on Monday and I’m stuck here until this little one is born. It was a bit scary at first, but now we’ve kind of settled into a hospital routine. I miss my family terribly, but I’m trying to keep busy.

While stuck in the hospital, what other choice does a professional cook have than making hospital food look good with a little bit of help.

Can we talk about hospital food please? I have to say the food here is not that bad, but the options are limited and a lot of it is processed food, canned peaches, boxed mashed potatoes, and stuff like that. It’s funny how it takes something like this to happen so you can appreciate the things you have at home. I don’t cook fancy or complicated meals all the time, but almost everything is done from scratch, and boy does that make a difference!

While stuck in the hospital, what other choice does a professional cook have than making hospital food look good with a little bit of help.

Since I have all this time on my hands I’m making hospital food look good. It’s amazing what a little food styling and editing can do! Hopefully we’ll be out of here soon with a healthy baby girl and a renewed motivation for cooking good, healthy, and fresh food for our family. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Working in F & B (food and beverage) is not for the faint of heart or body, but marrying a chef or someone who works in F & B is not a piece of cake either.[When I say food and beverage I mean chefs, cooks, servers, managers, anybody really who works in a restaurant, hotel, or food establishment.]

An article appeared recently in the Huffington Post about the things you should know before marrying a chef, and the article had some good points, but there are much more relevant things you should know if you are already madly in love and are planning to get married to someone in the industry. Here is my version.

5 Things to Know Before Marrying a Chef

1. You will struggle financially. Unless your husband/wife is already a celebrity chef or a high payed hotel manager, you will struggle. Most jobs in f & b are not well paid, so it is definitely not a life of luxury, especially if you have children.

2. There is no such thing as work-life balance. Work always comes first, except in matters of life or death, but otherwise your significant other will be going to work on holidays, weekends, whether they are sick or your son has a soccer game or your daughter has a dance recital. Which means, your spouse will inevitably miss out on almost everything, weddings, births, funerals, first words, first steps, and family gatherings. This can be especially hard on your relationship and your children. Days can go by without the children seeing the parent who works in the industry. If your spouse works the night shift he/she will be asleep when the kids go to school and when he/she gets home the kids will have already been asleep for several hours. It is hard for children to understand that the parent can’t simply take the time to be with them. However, there are some employers more flexible than others, so your spouse might make it to a thing a or two.

3. Expect to be on the move. If you want to be successful in the industry you will need to find the best job, even if it means moving across the country more than once. This may not always be the case, but it is a likely possibility.

4. You will be in charge of the household, and I mean everything. You will be taking care of the children, doctor’s appointments, home repairs, paying bills, cleaning, meal making, etc. When your partner in crime works 12 – 14 hr days the last thing they want to do is cook, clean, fix, or worry about anything other than sleep.

5. Communication with your spouse will need to be short and sweet. Do not try to communicate anything important to your spouse after their shift. It’s not that they don’t care what you have to say, but after a long day of work and dealing with a thousand things at the same time, the time after work is for decompressing. If you do need to inform them of something make it short, ” I need ….., I want….., give me ….., this happened….” It is even better if you do it by text message, that way there’s evidence that you did indeed asked them to do something, or informed them about something that happened at home.

Every couple and every job is different, but these are only some of the realities of a very demanding business. Is it worth it? It will only be worth it if your spouse has real passion for food and beverage, if this is what he/she loves to do, otherwise the sacrifices you and your family will have to make will be pointless. Is it possible to have a long lasting marriage? I don’t know, ask me in about 20 years! However, when I asked my mom, who has been married to restauranteur for 36 years, she emphasized that it was very important that you know that IT IS POSSIBLE, but that it will require two things: sacrifice and genuine love for your spouse.

Being a mother can sometimes be overwhelming and exhausting. Oh, and you can forget about that thing called sleep. There are also the doubts and guilt that you can’t help from feeling: ” Am I being a good mother? Am I neglecting my husband?” You find yourself pulled in so many directions, followed by a to do list that is never ending, housework, work, prayer, life, love, joy, and sadness all mashed together in one weave.

There’s also the worry about being able to afford college, clothes, books, and sports. There’s never enough money or time, but there is poop, lots of poop. There will also be broken crayons, legos all over the floor, and food in every crevice imaginable, all at the feet of a 3 yr. old with an insatiable appetite for adventure. ” I wonder what will happen if I poop here? If I paint the walls with Vicks will mamá notice?,” I can almost hear him thinking.

Mamá does notice and sometimes wants to crawl right back into bed and shut the door. Yet, the wheels of life must keep turning, and meals must be made, clothes washed, and floors cleaned. At the end of the day I’m not a successful chef who runs her own restaurant, as I might of envisioned when I was younger. I’m nothing exceptional to the world, just a stay-at-home mom, but you know what? To a little 3 yr. old someone, I’m the most important person in the universe, and that’s all that matters. At least that’s all that should matter.

Being a mom can sometimes be overwhelming and exhausting. Oh, and you can forget about that thing called sleep


Waking up at 3:30 am was not what I had in mind for the start of our vacation, but if we wanted to make our reservation for lunch at Chez Panisse, we had to.

Chez Panisse is a restaurant in Berkeley, CA. It was founded by Alice Waters in 1971. It is said to be the birthplace of the farm to table,-organic-sustainable-California cuisine movement that has now swept the country. But back then it was a small house turned into an improvised restaurant, run by a couple of college graduates with hardly any experience in the industry.

The reason why Chez Panisse is so important and why we wanted to visit, is the fact that it has played such an important role in making American cuisine what it is today and forged a path in establishing a relationship with the farmers that grow our food.

At Chez Panisse the menu changes daily with the seasons and the ingredients are local and organic. We are fortunate enough that spring is in full bloom right now, so the menu included tender peas, buttery fava beans, and baby artichokes. The food was simple, unpretentious, and well executed, oh, and did I mention delicious. The ambiance and the decor was not what I expected. I though we were going to literally walk into an old house filled with a couple of tables, but instead we walked into a rustic house decorated with elegant and modern touches.

I didn’t take any pictures of the food because I find it to be an interruption to the dining experience as a whole, so sorry if you were expecting a detailed description of our lunch. The next stop on our vacation is Napa, Yountville, St. Helena, and a lot more wine drinking. Thankfully, after lunch at Chez Panisse waking up so early doesn’t seem like it was a hardship at all.

Lunch at Chez Panisse, the food was simple, unpretentious, and well executed, oh, and did I mention delicious.

Lunch at Chez Panisse, the food was simple, unpretentious, and well executed, oh, and did I mention delicious.

I’ve been back in Cali for a couple of days now, we’re back on our old schedule and getting on with our everyday lives. Yet, something happens every time I come back from a trip home,(Ciudad Acuña) my heart starts to ache. It aches for my family, for myself, for how life without them can be isolating and lonely. This is why I want to do one more post about Mexico before the fleeting images disappear into my memory. Wow! I didn’t mean to start this post so depressingly.

Why don’t we start over again. I just got back from spending 3 weeks with my family in Mexico, and it seemed like I could stay forever. However, I do have a husband, so we’re back in good old Orange County. Besides the inevitable sadness that results from returning from a long trip home, I also came back with an extra 3 pounds. That would be because I spent the last week touring my town a la Anthony Bourdain. We visited all our favorite food spots, ate, and took pictures. A lot of the vendors asked me quite excitedly if I was going to put the pictures up on “el facebuk“.

My parents live in a small town-city on the border with Texas. This is where I grew up. Below is a picture of the Rio Grande and the bridge that acts as a connection between Mexico and the US. As you can see, that part of the river is not very wide, but I don’t really know how difficult it would be to cross. One of the unique advantages of living in a border town is the possibility of getting a border crossing card, which allows Mexicans to visit the “other side” for recreational purposes. This means that you can go to the movies, grocery shop, eat out, or just do what you want. It’s the best of both worlds in one place.

We are missing Ciudad Acuña so much now that we are back in OC, Here is a list of places you have to visit if you happen to be there.

We are missing Ciudad Acuña so much now that we are back in OC, Here is a list of places you have to visit if you happen to be there.

We are missing Ciudad Acuña so much now that we are back in OC, Here is a list of places you have to visit if you happen to be there.

We are missing Ciudad Acuña so much now that we are back in OC, Here is a list of places you have to visit if you happen to be there.

The super nacho is from my dad’s restaurant, but it is very typical of the area. Allegedly the nacho was invented in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, which is an hour away from Acuña. As you can see they have nothing to do with the big gloppy mess most people call nachos. The chips are fried at the restaurant and each one is smeared with refried beans and topped with cheddar cheese. They’re place under the broiler in order to melt the cheese, and afterwards they’re topped with guacamole. In the center is grilled skirt steak.

We are missing Ciudad Acuña so much now that we are back in OC, Here is a list of places you have to visit if you happen to be there.

Aguas con Chabelo sells refreshing fruit drinks, usually made with water, sugar, and your fruit of choice. That particular day they had lime, melon, and pineapple available.

We are missing Ciudad Acuña so much now that we are back in OC, Here is a list of places you have to visit if you happen to be there.

Lake Amistad is known as one of the best bass fishing destinations in the US. The lake extends across the border, so there is an American and Mexican side. We spent the day on the Mexican side.

We are missing Ciudad Acuña so much now that we are back in OC, Here is a list of places you have to visit if you happen to be there.

We had lunch at the Plaza Tlaloc restaurant, where we chose our own fish from the catch of the day. There was only bass and catfish left, so we ordered both. They only serve it one way, fried. It is seasoned with a spice mix, served on a bed of lettuce, and topped with french fries.

Just so you know, Anthony Bourdain did happen to visit my town on Season 2 of No Reservations, episode 4. Sadly he only visits the Corona Club, where the movie El Mariachi and Desperado were filmed. He doesn’t even go to the lake or eat anywhere for that matter. Anyway, I know it may not seem like it, but I am glad to back.

I think all us have that one friend who’s cooking is so good, they know it, you know it, and they just make it look so easy, but when you ask them  for the recipe they reply, almost smirkingly, “Oh I don’t use recipes, good cooks don’t need recipes.” Now you feel awful, you live off recipes, you spend hours looking at recipes, planning your meals and orchestrating your next project. Well, I disagree. While good cooks may not be held hostage by recipes, they certainly do need them.

A good cook doesn’t let a recipe hold them back, and they’re not afraid to improvise, but how do you think cooks learn from each other? It is impossible to be an expert in every kind of cuisine. It is impossible, even after years of experience to have infinite knowledge of all things food. It is a craft that continuously changes, yet stays true to the basic techniques taught by the French masters of the late 19th and early 20th century.

Chefs rely on recipes to establish consistency in their restaurants. Otherwise, the flavor and appearance of the dishes would vary according to the cook. Recipes are essential to transmitting the chef’s vision from raw ingredients to the finished dish served to the guest. The only way the ego-driven line cooks will ever cook something the same way twice is with a recipe. Recipes are also essential to determining food cost of each particular menu item.

All the chefs I know have a massive cookbook collections. Why? They learn new techniques, look to them for inspiration, and of course admiration. What about the home cook? The problem with home cooks is that they sometimes can’t tell a good recipe from a bad one. Most home cooks look online to find their recipes, it’s easy and convenient, and some sites even make a shopping list for you and print the recipes to various sizes. There are a lot of good recipe sites and blogs out there, but there are also a lot of bad ones.

To be a good cook, is cooking without recipes necessary? Do chefs use recipes? How can I learn to cook without them.

Cooking Without Recipes: The Nitty Gritty

I have an OK cookbook collection. Now, I rely mostly on the public library to check out the books I can’t afford to buy. The one I use the most is The Flavor Bible, which ironically is not a cookbook in the traditional sense. It has no recipes; it is merely a list of ingredients. Below each ingredient is a list of the foods that best complement it, when the ingredient is in season, the cooking techniques that best work for that particular ingredient, and examples of flavor combinations used by renowned chefs. The book gives you the resources necessary to use your knowledge of cooking to develop your own style and creativity, without using somebody else’s recipe. A book you must have is Michael Ruhlman’s book Ratio. In it you will learn all the basic formulas or ratios and techniques that will allow you to start cooking without recipes.

If you’re looking for recipes online try: Epicurious for recipes from Gourmet and Bon Appetit, Simply Recipes for detailed recipes with pictures for almost every step, Steamy Kitchen for creative recipes with an Asian touch and great photos, for Mexican recipes visit Pati’s Mexican Table, and finally for dessert try David Lebovitz.

If you are going to use somebody else’s recipe, please give them credit for it, nobody will think less of you because of it.