This road trip to Napa has created so many sweet memories for our family. Dinner at the French Laundry, wineries, a dinner with friends.

Road Trip to Napa

Our daily routine is back in place, the familiar faces and places of Orange County surrounding our thoughts and our lives. Yet, the sweet memories of our road trip to Napa still flood my days. That's what vacations are for right? To get…
Dinner at the French Laundry where the service was exceptional and so was the food. Course after course, nine of them, the food was perfect.

Dinner at the French Laundry

So I mentioned before this trip to Napa is our first real vacation in 3 yrs, due mostly to the birth of our son and the 'living on one income' thing. It was also about that time when we stopped going to fine dining restaurants. We still manage…
Lunch at Chez Panisse, the food was simple, unpretentious, and well executed, oh, and did I mention delicious.
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Lunch at Chez Panisse

Waking up at 3:30 am was not what I had in mind for the start of our vacation, but if we wanted to make our reservation for lunch at Chez Panisse, we had to. Chez Panisse is a restaurant in Berkeley, CA. It was founded by Alice Waters in…
Mushroom fajitas

Mushroom Fajitas

3/12/12:   We're going on a date tomorrow!! A real date. We will be joining the ranks of civilized people who eat without having to wrangle a 2 yr old while trying to enjoy a decent meal. We haven't had a real date in months. The last…
This whole wheat honey bread is hearty and soft with a touch of sweet. Perfect for sandwiches ,toast, and anything else you can think of.

Whole Wheat Honey Bread

I've always been deeply suspicious of vegetarians and vegans. In restaurants they're a pain in the butt, with all their special requests and demands. I have tried to be empathetic, but really, who willingly gives up all kind of animal product?…
We are missing Ciudad Acuña so much now that we are back in OC, Here is a list of places you have to visit if you happen to be there.
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Missing Ciudad Acuña

I've been back in Cali for a couple of days now, we're back on our old schedule and getting on with our everyday lives. Yet, something happens every time I come back from a trip home,(Ciudad Acuña) my heart starts to ache. It aches for my family,…
Three Kings Day or Dia de Reyes in Mexico means that children receive gifts from the Reyes Magos (Magi) instead of Santa.

Three Kings Day (Dia de Reyes)

Today is the last day of Christmas. Also known as the feast of the Epiphany, Three Kings Day or Dia de Reyes. In Mexico, as I had mentioned before, this means that children receive gifts from the Reyes Magos (Magi) instead of Santa. Traditionally…

The Beauty of Mexico

I can't seem to find the right words or pictures to share. I want to show you the beauty of Mexico, but I'm not talking about the beautiful Mexican resorts, beach or even the natural resources of Oaxaca. I'm talking about the raw beauty of…